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Air Bag Suspension

The new Level Pro leveling system is the most advanced air suspension control system available today. It is the result of several years of development by “hands on” engineers and refinement in real world vehicles. The Level Pro system uses a unique combination of ride height sensors AND air pressure sensors to quickly achieve your selected ride height. By comparing the position of the ride height sensor to the air pressure the vehicle is leveled with no cross loading.

Air Bag Suspension Kit
Air Bag Suspension Kit KIT-I Is a Plug&Play Air Management pre-wired, ready to go. Save hours of install time 3/8" valves, Black DC5000 compressor, filter, solenoids, steel fittings & hose, dual gauges,wirekit,3 gal steel tank, press switch.
Fast Air Bag Kit
Air Bag Kit KIT-II Is a "FAST" kit with 3/4HP Big compressor, water filter, 3 gal steel tank, 8 2-Position 150PSI Valves, 3/8" airline, 2 dual gauges, 150PSI Pressure switch & 3/8" STEEL fittings.
Digital Air Bag Kit
Digital Air Bag Kit More accurate leveling
The inclusion of ride height sensors in addition to air pressure sensors allows extremely accurate vehicle leveling with no cross loading. Better air pressure sensors
New voltage based air pressure sensors eliminate EMI interference and grounding problems that can lead to inaccurate pressure readings and ride heights. This new voltage based sensor has more resolution [accuracy] and quicker response to allow faster and more accurate air pressure presets. It’s also smaller in diameter to allow direct installation into the Ride Pro and Big Red solenoid blocks to eliminate remote mounting panels with extra lines and fittings. Easier viewing in bright light from any angle
VFD [vacuum florescent display] instead of an LCD [liquid crystal display]. Ride-height-on-start
Each time the vehicle is started it will automatically go to highway ride height. Control panel programming
All programming [including the ride-height-on- start feature] can be accessed from the control panel so you can hide the ECU and still have easy access to all programming functions. 3 ‘1 touch’ ride height presets
Accessible from control panel. These ride heights are programmed by a simple push and hold action similar to programming a radio station preset. No secret sequence of buttons to push! Backlit soft touch silicone buttons
Easier actuation by feel, no diverting your eyes from the road to see which button you’re pushing! Extruded aluminum ECU
More robust to avoid physical damage during installation.
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